The Chronology of WikiMapia is a graphic table timeline showing the timeline of features that were added to WikiMapia. WikiMapia has already a rich history packed within the 5 years of its existence. A chronology is the same thing as the history, except in an orderly fashion represented usually in a table or chart.


Date Event Description
05/24/2006 Opening Day WikiMapia opens to the public. The "Auchan - Kommunarka hypermarket" was the first place added
03/24/2009 WikiMapia Beta Release WikiMapia Beta, a newer version of WikiMapia, was released. Performance was deemed faster. The overhaul produced a few bugs, of which most were fixed.
06/20/2011 New Profile Page A new profile package was added, including a new levels system, awards, and a better profile look, along with more stats.
06/23/2011 Bug/Features List Update The bugtracker tool was updated to filter status, user options were added.
07/26/2011 New Collaboration Tool A new collaboration tool was added, enabling users to form organized groups to work together on WikiMapia tasks. The first group was formed on the same day, "Adding polygons to places without polygons."